Burr Ridge, IL | Approx. 25,000 SF
The Burr Ridge Conference Center is a GSA sponsored project intended to give the regional governmental agencies and local community a world-class conferencing facility complete with cutting-edge video and telecommunication s technology.

Create a space where people want to be... This seemingly simple concept formed the basisfor the design of the Burr Ridge Conference Center, a best-in-class facility to serve the needsfor training, education and meeting functions for many government agencies. The designersand GSA client team thought beyond the minimum requirements to envision a satellite workcenter to support how people meet and work in the 21st century.

The result is a hybrid of adaptable spaces for conferencing and individual tasking, enhancedwith current information and audiovisual technologies. The GSA will gain a multi-purposeenvironment that allows various federal agencies to use the space for training, conferences,and near-spontaneous meetings, as well as a means to facilitate interagencycommunication and better ways of working together.

A timeless aesthetic theme, described by the designers as Modern Prairie, emphasizes cleansilhouettes and an easily navigated hierarchy of functional spaces, while paying homage toChicago’s uniquely American architectural history.
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