Chicago, IL | 7,900 SF
The nearly 150,000 square foot floor plates at 600 West Chicago Avenue tend to draw large tenants to the building. Pre-pandemic tenants of this caliber usually needed internal training and large conference rooms for the convenience and the frequency of large internal meetings. Post pandemic, several of these tenants, like the rest of the business world, found themselves utilizing video conferencing due to hybrid and remote working policies. Without the need for these large, dedicated spaces, they are being converted to lounges, library spaces, and activity-based functions. 
This new working model necessitated the building to consider a conference center as part of the building amenity package not only for existing tenants, but also to attract new tenants to the building. Sterling Bay tapped BOX Studios, to design a conference center with the challenges of creating a variety of conference spaces, break out and gathering spaces, a kitchenette of catering coordination and internal restrooms. The design was to be on par with high-end hospitality suites and was to become a major highlight for the building to market.  
Upon grasping Sterling Bay’s requirements for the new conference center, BOX Studios arrived at the concept of crafting an ambiance where playfulness intertwines with sophistication. This led to the conceptual idea of “eclectic edge” – An exuberant, warm, and energizing haven. This design emulates the soft, organic form found in nature with a modern and ‘poppy’ twist through the skillful use of texture, color, and geometries. 
Large-scale abstract wall coverings harmonize with ribbed acoustical panels and detailed metal trim to create a beautiful contrast and an energizing moodiness. The use of a deep navy paint fosters the illusion of recessed alcoves seamlessly maintaining the concept of a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere with areas to settle in for conversations or dive into focused tasks. 

The sweeping shape of the metal mesh ceiling element reflects the shape of the arced carpet below, anchoring the collaborative welcome area of the conference center. Thoughtful decorative lighting selections accentuate different work areas and lean into the gorgeous industrial elements of the building. Each geometric element subtly corresponds to different work “zones,” ensuring visual intrigue throughout the space and underlining the multitude of uses the conference center offers tenants.

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