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BOX Studios is a minority-owned architectural and interior design firm (MBE Certified), steadfastly championing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). With an unwavering dedication to these principles, our firm has consistently fostered a diverse workforce throughout the company’s 20+ year history. BOX places significant emphasis on talent and cultural alignment during the hiring process, shaping an inclusive company culture.

Commitment to DEI
BOX Studios' dedication to DEI extends beyond its internal practices to active community engagement. The firm collaborates with several non-profit organizations to further DEI initiatives in the industry:
Insightful Collaborative (IC): 
BOX Studios actively participates in this national DEI commercial real estate organization, which focuses on panel dialogue, equitable advocacy, and inclusive mentorship. Ferdinand Dimailig, a principal at BOX, serves on IC's Advisory Board, reflecting the firm's leadership role in promoting DEI.
Chicago Scholars: 
This local organization aids underserved high school students in their academic and personal growth. BOX Studios' involvement underscores its commitment to supporting educational opportunities and personal development for young people from diverse backgrounds.
Habitat for Humanity's "Women Build": 
On an annual basis, BOX Studios leads a team of female design professionals in this event, focusing on the building of affordable housing and fundraising activities. This initiative highlights the disparity in women home ownership and showcases BOX's dedication to empowering women through tangible community contributions.
Supplier Diversity
BOX Studios excels in meeting client requests for supplier diversity incentives. The firm has nurtured enduring relationships with certified minority- and women-owned businesses across various fields, including:
Lighting Design
Landscape Design
Furniture Dealership
Project Management
These collaborations with esteemed professionals who share BOX's commitment to DEI reinforce the firm's values and enhance its service offerings.
Click on any of the projects listed below to see some of our recent notable MBE collaborations:

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