Chicago, IL | 27,000 SF
Sterling Bay engaged BOX Studios to breathe new life into a large, vacant fitness center located on the riverwalk level of the 600 West Chicago building. Gym operator Lula Fit was hired to help develop a program to both suit the size of the facility and the preferences of its diverse tenant community. 
From initial brainstorming sessions with Sterling Bay and Lula Fit, the BOX team developed concepts focused on transforming the dark, monochromatic space into something bright and spa-like for the open gym areas. Several distinctively appointed areas, each tailored to a specific function, have been reimagined with unique design characteristics matched to their specific functions.  White paint and updated lighting replaced the dark finishes and dim lighting. Industrial materials were swapped for a more sophisticated palette of lighter wood tones, elegant tiles, and refined stone finishes. 
A recovery room was created with compression-sleeve stations to facilitate swift recuperation. The ambience of the recovery room is an amalgamation of Zen-inspired wood lattice panels and the soft glow of backlit mirrors, collectively nurturing an atmosphere of serenity and rejuvenation. The same design elements are continued in three wellness rooms designed for brief mental respites or quick recharges during demanding schedules.
The mood takes a deliberate shift within the enigmatic HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Room. Exuding its own individual charisma, this space departs from the gym’s overarching aesthetics, immersing attendees in an energetic, nightclub-like ambiance. Mirrors, noir flooring and ceilings, and dynamic, color-changing LED lighting create a high-energy vibe that sets the tone for invigorating classes. 
The fitness center is the culmination of elegant design, purposeful functionality, and inspired aesthetics and promises an experience that transcends the conventional, beckoning visitors to embark on a transformative journey toward becoming their best selves. 

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