Advanced Clincial
Deerfield, IL | 16,521 SF
The 16,000 sf Advanced Clinical headquarters in Deerfield is a perfect example of how a suburban workplace can include the luxury and energy of a high-end urban environment.  As an organization focused on clinical research and strategic resourcing, the design needed to appeal to the company's desire for openness, while meeting the healthcare industry's non-negotiable demands for privacy.  The design for the open office plan accommodates privacy on demand with movable storage towers that double as fully configurable privacy walls.  Additionally, one end of the office is designed for quiet solo work while the other accommodates employees who regularly work the phones.  The plan seamlessly connects these two sides via a suite of enclosed and open conference spaces that provide boundaries without imposing them when unnecessarily. At the heart of this intersection is an intricate plexiglass feature wall, adorned with the company's branding, that makes an eye-catching first impression in the reception area and doubles as a privacy barrier between reception and the rest of the office. As a budget-conscious re-design, a large portion of the existing space from the previous tenant was resourcefully adapted to fit the company's needs. Any new architectural elements were seamlessly integrated into the existing infrastructure, reducing waste and optimizing operations. 
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