Chicago, IL | 12,200 SF

BOX Studios took on the challenge of designing the Appraisal Institute’s new office space at 200 West Madison Street in Chicago, a building known for its unique “sawtooth” design. 
Embracing the client’s desire to integrate biophilic elements into their new office, BOX developed a nature-inspired color palette that was unified by light wood tones. Over the island in the Work Cafe, faux greenery cascades from the decorative pendant light fixtures, adding a fresh pop of color.
Leveraging the abundant natural light and panoramic views, BOX creatively optimized the unconventional floor plate while prioritizing privacy. Frosted gradient film on office fronts allows natural light to flow freely, providing users with visual privacy inside the room while still allowing passersby to see if the room is in use. 
In parallel with their new office design, Appraisal Institute was also undergoing a major rebranding effort. BOX collaborated closely with the client during that process, ensuring the Institute’s achievements could be highlighted via designated feature walls. The distinctive floorplate inspired functional niches for storage and displays, showcasing the brand’s vision. Strategic pops of color, gentle curves, and thoughtful lighting enhanced wayfinding, allowing the design to reflect the authentic essence of the Appraisal Institute.
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