​​​​​​​Sandy Bay, Jamaica |  Approx. 9 acres
Call centers are notoriously stale spaces with cramped cubicles and little natural light. In an effort to increase work satisfaction rates, decrease turn-over and employee wellness, Collective Solutions, Inc. called upon BOX Studios to deliver a fresh approach to the typical lackluster call center design at their newly purchased 9-acre parcel in Montego Bay, Jamaica.   

Desirable and upgraded amenities improve overall employee comfort. No cramped cubicles or stale spaces here. Vividly painted shipping containers act as private offices, conference and focus rooms.  Above, a mezzanine deck was added for extra usable space for specific departments that may need a quieter environment with more privacy. These elements express a modern-industrial style that pays tribute to the building’s factory origins.
CSI is a big BPO call center with a BIG personality. BOX worked closely with various other consultants located in California, Chicago and Jamaica to deliver this exciting, inviting and colorful environment sure to retain happy employees.
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