​​​​​​​Chicago, IL |  Approx. 18,417 SF
Ignite USA is a leading innovator in the beverage container industry and the power-house design team behind the Contigo brand. They pride themselves on delivering innovative designs to meet the evolving needs of their users. As a leader in their field, Ignite developed a patented technology that separates their products from all the rest.

Ignite “Phase II” is the expansion floor to the project’s first phase (also designed by BOX), focusing this time on a calm space that caters to the company’s administrative staff and quiet, head-down work. The goal was to create a design reminiscent of the original build-out, but not an exact match. An inverted design – i.e. swapping ceiling and floor finishes and flip-flopping feature locations – helped to achieve a similar feel without mimicking entirely.

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