C+R Research
Chicago, IL | 18,000 SF

Sightlines and sunshine envelope C+R Research's vibrant new downtown Chicago office space from all sides.  BOX Studios took cues from grid-based European city design and the 150 N. Michigan building's iconic angular shape to craft a layout that not only lets the light in, but provides a strong sense of bearing without barricading the office into pieces.

Traditional workstations feed seamlessly into myriad meeting spaces, and dynamic angles point the way through each area without signposting, giving the entire floorplan an energy that's purposeful but limitlessly accommodating.

The space's visual energy is a wonderfully kinetic give and take between neutral and bold colors, natural and synthetic materials and bold touches (electric carpet patterns, vinyl wall art extolling C+R's values and intimate meeting pods for two that cleverly recess into the walls) at every turn.

Above it all, a wild variety of light fixtures both classic and modern — signifying C+R's mission as a company of bright ideas — give the whole space a playful, persistent vibrance.
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