Dentologie | Wicker Park
Chicago, IL | 2,100 SF

Opening in the trendy near north neighborhood of Chicago is the third location for the forward-thinking dental practice, Dentologie. This 2nd design from BOX Studios is a fresh new approach that encompasses the cultural milieu of Bucktown while still reminding patients of the dental brand they know and love.

The long and narrow space was the big challenge of the selected site.  The BOX design team strategically angled the treatment rooms to meet the equipment space clearances. In doing so, 7 treatment rooms were innovatively planned while also working in all the programmatic requirements.  At the entry, angled warm wood flooring, 14’ high jet black exposed ceiling and comfortably scaled furniture pieces with a tailored plant life setting seamlessly invite patients into the hospitality-like environment. The featured architectural element is a monolithic rippled wall, indirectly illuminated with color changing LED lamps to lead you through the rest of the programmed spaces. 

Each treatment room has three monitors offering state-of-the-art technology. On demand medical information and entertainment for the patient are available during their tailored treatment. The ceiling mounted monitor is creatively integrated into a floating angle-shaped drywall ceiling cloud used to scale down the room height to a comfortable 10’ finish. Cutouts in the solid walls dividing each treatment room provide a sense of airiness to the space.  This design detail allows the natural light from the street facade windows to gracefully filter back through the space. 

The end result of the project is a spatial experience for the patients that is dynamic, yet still efficient. Strategic planning, thoughtful architecture details and carefully selected finishes all work in concert within a high-tech dental practice. As part of the successful Dentologie brand, this Wicker Park destination will undoubtedly flourish!
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