Chicago, IL | Approx. 10,922 SF
Drivin is a fast-paced and forward thinking built-in-Chicago business. Their company culture is big on data and innovation, so BOX created an open and collaborative expanse inside the existing office space with automotive-related media and features.

At the entries, Drivin’s brand is highlighted with marketing collateral, media screens and custom glass films. Areas of impact are emphasized in the company’s cool blue and white hues. Metal finishes and details enhance the car theme, and a special garage door design feature – that hides above ACT ceiling when open – drives the concept home.

When BOX Studios was faced with a scheduling issue, the team smartly managed lead times by altering a flooring selection. VE exercises successfully met the budget without sacrificing concept or style.  

The resulting renovated area accomplishes two goals: it is used for all-hands meetings as well as special gatherings. Carefully planned seating groups boost brainstorming sessions, and an integral stage/bar add to the fun of after-hours events. The stimulating features inside the work café – where the stage and bar can be found – were custom-designed with collaboration in mind to create a lounge space worthy of Drivin’s accelerated atmosphere.  
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