Boulder, Colorado

BOX Studios was approached by this progressive marketing company, Egg Strategy in Boulder, Colorado,  in the hopes of finding a partner to help them with their relocation project.  Being of a creative industry themselves, this client wanted to be an integral part in the development of the design process.  The design concept focused primarily on how individual space was utilized in relationship to more shared and collaborative spaces that would provide for equal, but different work settings. 

One challenge to determining the best solution for this, was due to the existing conditions of the building.  Egg Strategy chose a building with a smaller floor plate, thus requiring them to take two floors.  It was decided that individual desk space would be on one floor alone, allowing for dedicated “heads down” space.  The alternate floor became dedicated to support different kinds of individual and group settings, in addition to an area that would allow for full staff meetings.  This floor also doubled as an entertaining environment, with more of a residential feel.

Because of the home-like concept, all material selections, including both lighting and furniture could not be of ordinary commercial specification.  The design team worked with Egg Strategy to find alternate resources for many of these items, including internet based sites.  The end result of this project produced an incredibly dynamic use of space!  It was truly a team success, and one that will remain memorable because of the extent of all expertise involved.
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