The Old Post Office
Chicago, IL |  129,000 SF
With the prospect of a new 129,000 sf office in the landmarked old post office, the federal home loan bank of chicago was also re-examining their branding and core values.  Through a full re-brand, the company refreshed their focus toward honoring their bank member communities.  Fhlbc wanted their new office to embrace this renewed focus and pay respect to the office's iconic location.  Additionally, they had to transition their 700 employees from a more intimate setting spread across three floors to a single floor plate.

The design concept that honored the bank's purpose, and paid homage to the setting of their new workplace.  The design highlighted the four regions the bank serves, dividing the floor to represent each region.  Custom motifs were developed to exemplify each area, based on the architectural forms commonly found there.  This concept infiltrated every design aspect, with the motifs incorporated into the millwork and finishes throughout the space, and serving as wayfinding mechanisms to help users navigate the massive layout.  Additionally landmark designation required an old parcel scale remain.  Rather than let it sit unannounced within the open office, the team placed the scale as the centerpiece of a small group break out area, surrounded by postal memorabilia to celebrate its past. 
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