Chicago, IL | Approx. 1,710 SF
Floating is all the rage. This specialized relaxation practice submerges clients into a solution of 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt and constantly filtered water for sixty minutes – or more – of sensory deprivation. Designed for clients to limit the 5 worldly senses of sight, sound, touch, smell and taste, Float Sixty is a dedicated relaxation spa focused on minimizing the constant pressure of analyzing the world around you.

When the owner of Float Sixty approached BOX Studios with her focused vision of a boutique space in River North, the BOX team knew they had to elevate the design to break away from other traditional float centers. Included in the scope were five float rooms, one pre-/post-float staging area, a retail space for Branded products, and one meditation room. The final design took the shape of exactly what it means to float – a clean, calm and minimalistic space that heightens inner peace. 

A modest color palette mixed with rich textures and patterns create a serene atmosphere. Exposed brick and a heavy timber ceiling mimic the location’s surrounding neighborhood flavor.  Due to the space’s naturally humid environment, BOX took deliberate care to select specialty finishes such as non-slip vinyl flooring and cedar millwork that will be resistant to water damage without compromising the design intent.

To bring everything together, BOX Studios collaborated with ABC Design Lab to integrate brand-specific graphic elements into the interior design. Custom company imagery reminiscent of floating is strategically placed throughout the space to seamlessly communicate Float Sixty’s mission.
After a successful grand opening in April of 2016, FLOAT SIXTY has quickly become a leading boutique float center in Chicago, so come get your float on!
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