318 N. Carpenter St.
Chicago, IL |  Approx. 15,700 SF

California-based Flock Freight has opened a new office in Chicago’s historic Fulton Market District. The space occupies a full floor in a newly constructed building and is an embodiment of the company’s identity and a reflection of the industrial flavor of the surrounding neighborhood.  
Flock Freight's new space leans into industrial materials and finishes, evoking the neighborhood’s warehouse/meatpacking roots. Partitions were kept off the perimeter, providing full-floor natural light and views of the neighborhood and city skyline through the factory-style windows.  Alongside flexible sit-to-stand workstations are alternative seating and meeting spaces, including booths, tables for two or ten, personal lounging spots, and an open-air patio that takes the city views one step further. A centralized coffee bar and versatile game room provide welcome changes of scenery without encroaching on those working quietly.  
All of these considered elements create a great working environment that has had a positive response from their employees.  As Flock Freight continues to grow this space has become the template for any future expansions.
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