Denver, Co | Approx. 24,500 SF

Our key objectives were to get natural light into the mainlevel as well as the basement in an effort to make the entire space a desirablework environment and to add significant value to the real estate investment ourclient had undertaken. Transitioningthis building into a fun and lively work environment meant overcoming manyobstacles in order to successfully reach our goals. Thebiggest challenge on this project revolved around the structural design of thelarge 20’ x 20’ clerestory and floor penetration for the open stairway. Our objective was to make the clerestory aslarge as possible to maximize the amount of natural light entering thespace. However, we did not want anyobstructions on the interior portion of the clerestory. This area was to be a clean open spaceallowing for a series of statement pendants to hang freely within the volume ofspace created by the clerestory and floor penetration. 
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