Motorola Experience Center
Chicago, IL | 6,000 SF

The Customer Experience Center for Motorola took fewer than two weeks to design and less than two months to construct.  An all-day, all-hands meeting with designers, engineers, contractors, manufacturers and key decision-makers resulted in a design that embraces form, function, modernity and nature.  The 6,000 sf CXC compliments a traditional neutral aesthetic with warm, biophilic elements, colorful furniture, earthy wood millwork and a luxurious concrete floor design.  A moss wall graphic featuring Motorola's logo boldly beckons visitors, and a dazzling moving floor projection works in concert with a persistent pendant light fixture to effortlessly guide patrons forward.  

These natural elements are juxtaposed by technology, which is the cornerstone of the CXC.  The stunning presentation room surrounds a seamless 199-inch display and fully-integrated surround sound system with ornate wood paneling that's constructed for maximal acoustic effect and designed to delight. Additional conference rooms are fully A/V capable and utilize switch-controlled glass for on-demand privacy. Decorative wall panels double as an acoustical device, allowing employees to comfortably utilize the room's myriad of seating arrangements for impromptu meetings and quiet work.  Under any timeline, Motorola's CXC is a beautiful arrangement of nature and technology, but the end product completed in such an intense timeline is a testament to a team firing on every cylinder, with clear communication and a confident vision.
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