Downers Grove, IL | Approx. 3,000 SF
Located in Downers Grove, Olive Theory is a unique pizzeria that thrives on the dual purpose of eating well and doing good for the community. At the core of its ideals are house-made fresh ingredients that inspire customers to make their food experience personal. Diners can customize their food just the way they like it.

Taking inspiration from the restaurant’s fresh, natural and colorful ingredients, BOX Studios played up a bright color palette and open floor plan throughout the design. Natural daylight bounds into the space, creating a welcoming layout in which customers can feel integral to the entire process.
Echoing Olive Theory’s passion for community, communal tables encourage patrons to socialize while dining. Multiple dining options and spaces are provided to make customers feel at home when selecting a spot.

BOX considered Olive Theory’s sustainable business model when choosing materials and finishes such as sleek tiles, pristine white luminaires, and beautiful blue wall paint. The result is a holistic final design – completed flawlessly under tight deadlines – that, along with delicious food, keeps customers coming back for more.
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