Chicago, IL | 12,000 SF

In a strategic move to align with evolving operational demands and a fresh corporate identity, BOX Studios (BOX) and their long-standing private equity firm client embarked on a revitalization of their existing Chicago office space.

BOX’s tailored strategy involved optimizing functionality by introducing additional private and open offices within an efficient layout, amplifying collaborative zones by reimagining the reception area, and introducing inviting spaces like the open library for informal meetings. Additionally, a revamped kitchen/cafe now serves as a hub for collaborative endeavors, informal gatherings, team bonding activities, and town hall meetings. To complement these spatial enhancements, cutting-edge technology and enhanced acoustics have been integrated to elevate both work efficiency and cultural engagement.

Guided by the CEO's aesthetic vision, the project embraces a blend of traditional elements harmoniously intertwined with a branded color palette and eclectic furnishings. Seamless coordination with the client's decorator, ensured a cohesive fusion of architectural elements with meticulously curated finish selections and custom private office workstations all culminating in a space that embodies firm’s unique identity while fostering a dynamic work environment.

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