Red Collar Pet Foods
Nashville, TN | 12,000 SF

With a new owner, new name and new branding in tow, Red Collar Pet Foods desired a workplace that put both its re-minting and its pre-existing culture into full focus. Located a short hop away from Nashville, the premium private label's new 16,600 square-foot space (12,800 of it completely refreshed, 3,800 built out as brand new) deftly fulfills both objectives, setting an impactful stage for both employee and client alike - whether they have two legs or four.

The incorporation and intermixing of Red Collar's branding and ethos make an immediate impression upon entering the space. The Red Collar logo's red, white, black and grey color palette comes boldly alive along the walls and ceilings, while natural wood floors, copious artificial plants and landscape wall graphics provide aesthetic balance and evoke the company's (and its four-legged clients') embrace of nature. The reception area triumphantly infuses company branding into displays that celebrate and tell its story. 

Red Collar is (unsurprisingly) a more pet-friendly workplace than most.  Every single workstation includes a comfortable space in which pets can snooze the day away while their owners work. A bright green turf area rug spans the length of the space and encourages dogs to run wild, while a stunning ceiling installation comprised of bright red dog bowls and interspersed light fixtures beckons from directly above the dog run. Artificial plants are utilized over natural ones, as a  safety consideration for any pets who might try to take a bite out of the office when they wander away from their owner's workstation.

Considerations for Red Collar's human tenants are similarly front of mind in the new space. In accordance with the company culture, the fully open floor plan completely eschews private offices, even for Red Collar's CEO, in favor of workstations for all. Three meeting rooms, each adorned with distinctive landscape graphics and poster art celebrating Nashville's distinct visual heritage, provide on-demand privacy as needed without betraying the surrounding aesthetic.
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