Chicago, IL |  Approx. 4,800 SF
Nestled into Naperville’s downtown business district, Riverwalk Dental’s new space is a dynamic blend of modern and traditional styles. Surrounded by other pitched-roof homes retrofitted into businesses, the office is a showstopper in the historic residential-turned-commercial community.

A high-profile corner lot presented the opportunity to create a striking entry. Corner glass and a grandiose black metal cantilevered canopy support a refined and classy greeting as visitors step inside. Differing aesthetic tastes between the two doctors, as well as city design guidelines, lead to BOX’s clever juxtaposition of otherwise opposing themes. Modern elements are cunningly snuck into the traditional design through color, detail, and materials.

On the exterior, black shingles and white fiber cement siding are accented with black metal windows lending to a modern feel. Natural stone adds warmth and connects the building to its contextual history. Contemporary and traditional aesthetics are unified in the interior by mixing a light, neutral color palette with boldly dark accents. Black light fixtures and trim, and a walnut-stained sculptural staircase centerpiece are energetic and eye-catching against their calm surroundings. Patients enter at ease, feeling an air of class and luxury, and leave feeling positive and comfortable about their visit. 
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