Smile Cycle
Chicago, IL |  2,600 SF
Our longtime client, Dentologie, added a new boutique style space to their list of forward-thinking dental offices. Smile Cycle by Dentologie is a retail/wellness environment designed to meet the dual needs of its mission to showcase the retail products and to meet the healthcare needs of their clientele.

The single-story building was the perfect location to meet our client’s goals. The street facing façade features large windows that warmly welcome strolling pedestrians to entry the shop. During good weather, the accordion operating large windows can fold open to further entice people in. The mechanical system is programmed to operate and keep out pesky flying insects as needed. The retails space has a minimalistic look, but also an inviting aesthetic. The large playful peg board open shelving display features Smile Cycles healthcare product line, while the monolithic communal table serves as the point of customer service. 

The rear two thirds of the space is focused on the Dentologie practice. The large translucent panels elegantly create a privacy screen transition to the treatment rooms and support spaces. The challenge here was to work-in 9 treatment rooms into a limited footprint. Working closely with the doctors, BOX was able to efficiently layout the dental chairs and required in operatory workstations in an angle to meet the doctor’s needs. Another project challenge was to be able to fit-in spatially the lab equipment and panorex machine. Collaboratively, we laid out a streamline sequence of operation, tailoring the millwork lab design to fit all lab equipment while also utilizing circulation space to niche-in the panorex machine in a successful compact manner. ​​​​​​​
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