Chicago, IL | 7,000 SF
BOX Studios undertook the task of designing this spec suite strategically positioned to allure potential tenants operating the fields of law or finance. The paramount objective was to forge a distinctive environment that drew inspiration from the multifaceted and refined essence of contemporary west coast design, infusing it with an elegant amalgamation of luxury and a welcoming hospitality aura.
The palette exudes opulence and warmth, with textures of stitched leather, geometric wallcoverings, and rich hand-glazed tiles. Decorative lighting was thoughtfully integrated to both accentuate and harmonize with the architectural nuances, further amplifying the ambiance. In particular, the reception area and the work cafe feature custom-crafted metal screens, which not only stand as distinctive visual dividers but also allow a seamless interplay of light throughout the space.
The multi-functional work cafe emerges as a versatile haven, offering an array of seating alternatives that beckon staff to convene, dine, or unwind. The subdued lighting, coupled with the elevated finishes, conspires to transport individuals into a local hotspot rather than merely occupying an office break area. In essence, this meticulously crafted space transcends the ordinary, inviting occupants to experience a blend of metropolitan vibrance and refined comfort.

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