Chicago, IL | 9,400 SF
The concept behind this spec suite beautifully captures the laid-back elegance synonymous with Santa Monica. A soft, light-toned palette serves as a pristine canvas upon which various textures, geometric forms, and inviting touches of warm wood come to life.
At the reception area, the backdrop is adorned with intricately carved walnut wood panels, forming a captivating visual focal point from the elevator lobby that commands attention from the moment one approaches the suite. A feature wall, reminiscent of stucco-painted breeze blocks, infuses a touch of coastal charm, while a gracefully arched window framed in walnut offers a tantalizing glimpse into the adjacent work cafe.
Sophistication reaches new heights in the work cafe through elevated finishes. Reeded white oak paneling elegantly graces the pill-shaped kitchen island, accompanied by a terrazzo-inspired concrete countertop featuring a seamless waterfall edge. The hand-glazed ceramic tile backsplash creates a visual symphony of craftsmanship. Moreover, the floating wooden shelves lining the kitchen area serve as both decorative platforms for personal embellishments like small plants and decor, and as practical sources of illumination with integrated LED lighting underneath for seamless functionality. This space is destined to become a favored sanctuary for its future tenant where employees can enjoy it as a daily retreat during work hours and a cherished after-hours hangout for convivial happy hours. Its aura effortlessly bridges the divide between the professional and the comfortable, making it an enclave where staff naturally gravitate.
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