The Farehouse Market
Chicago, IL | 12,500 SF

Designed in collaboration with Sterling Bay, the 12,500-square foot Farehouse Market at 600 West Chicago (formerly the Montgomery Ward catalog building) merges a food hall, convenience market and coffee/alcohol bar — each separate stations with their own needs and hours of operation — into a single, seamless space built to comfortably refresh more than 5,000 people from inside and outside the building every day and night. Like the adjacent lobby into which it blends, the market pays reverence to the building's legacy, mixing dark wood, industrial metals, brass accents and gorgeous jewel tones. But rather than simply imitate its surroundings, it plays around with them, remixing those ingredients into an array of distinct architectural elements that give it its own language within a language. Invigorated further by a renovated exterior façade and fresh landscaping work, the space provides generous access to both the building's lobby and the landmark Chicago Riverwalk outside, making it an essential oasis for tenants, neighbors and tourists alike.
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