Chicago, IL | Approx. 12,600 SF
The Scion Group is North America’s leading owners, operators and advisors of student housing. The brand and design of The Scion Group HQ incorporates the firm’s new approach to their working environment. BOX Studios met the challenge of a very fast-paced schedule.  BOX Studios developed a flexible benching plan for the open office plan that overcame the acoustic challenge of a densely-populated space.  Through furniture solutions and technology, BOX Studios preserved the loft-like characteristics of the exposed concrete ceilings and mechanical systems to provide a light-filled office space for the staff and their clients to experience. Glass was used extensively on private offices and conference rooms to further enhance the open, transparent, and collaborative culture of the company’s new work style. Formal and informal meeting areas strategically located throughout the space promote a versatile work place for its team. The restaurant-like café/lounge becomes not only a place for eating, but also doubles as a small, medium, or large gathering space for work or play.
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