Chicago, IL | 58,500 SF (including warehouse)
The conversion of an existing FedEx distribution center at 1260 W. Madison Ave. into Threadless HQ included a total office renovation and the creation of an atrium space for retail sales and casual conferencing. The goal of the design was to fully represent the company’s personality, as well as that of its clientele, while maintaining a modern, efficient and functional office environment. 
The renovation of the existing 2-floor enclosed office space into open, collaborative work spaces allowed the possibility of reuniting office and retail with shipping and warehousing in the same facility. By removing all existing ceilings in office areas, the once enclosed private office environment shifted to reflect the openness of the warehouse space, 3,500 SF of which was converted into retail. 
BOX created a blank canvas for the creative staff at Threadless to add their own unique design elements. Explosive graphics referred to as “mashups” – collage renditions of multiple Threadless tee shirt designs – were added to highlight the company’s creativity and bring color and life to the industrial space. 
The flow of natural light through new skylights and an operable overhead door also helped to transform the previously gloomy warehouse into airy and vibrant retail, conference and exhibition spaces. The indoor/outdoor space created by the over-sized, double-pane glass door allows for a “street fair” atmosphere during special events. Outside, a dramatic new architectural element refreshed the façade, enhancing visibility from the street and giving presence to the retail entrance.
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