Disciplines Divinity House Courtyard at the University of Chicago
Chicago, IL |  1/2 acre
Our firm redesigned a courtyard space for the non-profit organization, Disciplines Divinity House located in the University of Chicago campus. BOX successfully coordinated with a team of specialist to design an enlightening space in time to celebrate 125th years of our client’s existence.

The courtyard site is surrounded by century old gothic style buildings surrounding a traditional designed outdoor space. Located on the west side of the site are remains of distinguished church members ashes spread along a tired flower bed. Evening minimal lighting created a potential safety hazard. Knowing that the celebration would bring back senior alums, our client requested a design to accommodate those with building accessible needs.

We designed a dynamic space that provided a transition between buildings and created an active place of gathering and celebration. Our linear solutions developed pathways to established nodes. At intersecting pathways, a meaningful moment could occur. A strategically determined path determined the accessible route as it utilized existing site grades to develop a gentle slope where a guardrail was not needed. Outside the pathways, thoughtful infill spaces occurred. From flower beds celebrating burial ashes, to a micro-theater area for lecturers/concerts/presentations, to a dedicated plot featuring a sculpture from the renowned Chicago artist, Richard Hunt.

Site lighting was thoughtfully selected for aesthetics and safety. Wall washed up-lights gracefully wash the non-profit building. A directional light fixture was used to feature the dynamic abstract sculpture, while ambient lights gently highlight directional walkways and tiered plant/flower beds with indirect light fixtures used to Illuminate the featured building signage.
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